Types of Roof Rock Removal

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Roofworx is available for roof rock removal in Texas

Do you need the rock and gravel removed from your flat roof building? Roofworx offers several types of roof rock removal dependent on the type of roof and the services you require. Here are some of the different types of ballast rock removal methods we use:

Traditional Ballast Removal – The traditional method of rock removal is to shovel the dirt, gravel, and rocks from the surface of the roof and transport it away on wheelbarrows. It is a time consuming and labor intensive process to clean a roof this way.

Dry Vacuum Method – Skip the shovels to reduce the time and cost to get your roof cleared by requesting dry vacuum rock removal. This is a fast and efficient way of clearing rocks and gravel from a flat roofed building. It also reduces the risk of damaging the roof membrane since it requires less people and equipment on the roof.

Wet Vacuum Method – If you need a roof cleaned that is in poor condition and is caked with dirt, using wet vacuuming will ensure that your roof is 100% clean. Wet vacs remove all the gravel, dirt build up, and ponding water on the surface of your roof.

If you need roof ballast stone removed in Fort Worth, TX or Dallas, TX then contact the roofing specialists at Roofworx today at 817-920-5974! We will help you determine the best method for clearing your roof and ensuring the surface is completely clean for a new membrane or roof surface.