Roof Re-Coatings

Is  your current commercial roof in need of a fresh coating? One of the benefits of a roof coating is the capability to re-coat instead of re-roof when it comes time to repair your roof. Our professionals at Roofworx specialize in commercial roofing, and we have the equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently re-coat your roof with the coating of your choosing. Whenever you need a roof re-coating in Fort Worth, TX, give Roofworx a call at 817-920-5974.

Roof re-coatings before and after

We offer roof re-coating services in DFW!

What is Roof Re-Coating?

If your roof has already been treated with a roof coating, then you are aware of the great benefits this option provides. If you are new to roof coatings, we have more information here! However, in short, a roof coating is a coating that can restore an old damaged roof, and add 15 – 20 years to the lifespan of that roof. This coating is particularly beneficial for flat or low slope roofs, due to its incredible resistance to water, even standing water! Roof coatings also provide UV resistance, thanks to the highly reflective finish, particularly in white coating options. Choosing this option is an excellent way to lower your energy bills!

Roof re-coating is a service we provide in which we add an additional coat to your roof to restore any properties that have dissipated over time. This service is cost effective, quick, and largely beneficial to the entirety of your roof! Roof coating services protect your commercial building from water and structural damage, so roof re-coatings ensure that your roof coating stays in top shape, so it can continue to protect your business.

Roof Re-Coatings in Fort Worth, TX

When you need roof coating service, or roof re-coating services in Fort Worth, TX, call the professionals at Roofworx at 817-920-5974! Our roofing experts are dedicated to customer service, fully trained, fully insured, and licensed by the state of Texas. We are committed to making sure that your roof is in the best hands DFW has to offer. Call today to see how we can assist you with all of your commercial roofing needs!