Flat Roof Repairs

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Having trouble with leaks or storm damage to your flat roof? Roofing membranes are susceptible to leaks whether due to weathering or being improperly sealed. If your commercial property needs repairs, we are the roof repair experts you need. Call us today 817-920-5974 to learn more about our flat roof repairs in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.

Many commercial spaces benefit from flat roofing because it was designed to reflect light away from the surface of the roof. This makes it the ideal roofing service for commercial properties in warmer, sunnier climates to lower energy bills. Keeping the roofing membrane clean and well maintained will ensure that it stays reflective and reduces the chance of damage.

Storm damage is a common cause for roof repairs. Strong wind can blow debris into the membrane creating dents or breaks in the material. The debris can get caught on top of a flat roof creating areas for moisture to pool and seep into the membrane if it was damaged in the process. Have your building inspected after a storm blows through. Leaving damage too long could eventually lead to needing a replacement. Call Roofworx today to have your roof inspected and repaired!

flat reroofing in Fort Worth, TX

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In the event of an improper initial installation, a flat roof repair can result in certain parts of the current roofing structure to be torn off to eliminate any moisture that has pooled and gathered within the base. With proper, professional flat roof repairs from Roofworx, you can prolong your flat roof and keep the structure of your space intact.

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Your commercial roof is vital to your business, make sure you get the best repairs to ensure its longevity. Ready to get started? Call us today 817-920-5974 to learn more about our exceptional flat roof repairs in Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.