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With all roofing structures, the overall goal of a roof is to act as protection against the elements, and to prevent water and other precipitation that can gather on top of a roof. Typically built as a flat slope roof, commercial roofs and repairs have undergone significant changes in how they are maintained and serviced, from simple inspections to full-on replacements.

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Commercial Roofing Services:

  • Roof Installation A new roof installation guarantees a watertight seal and protection from damage over time to a commercial roof
  • Roof Replacement A roof replacement service is ideal for commercial properties whose roof has suffered extreme damage and cannot be repaired.
  • Flat Roof Repair Most commercial properties have a flat roof and need repairs over time to prevent against water and damage.
  • TPO Cost efficient, chemically resistant, and an easy installation make TPO roofing a highly recommended rubber roof for commercial spaces.
  • PVC PVC roofing requires less maintenance that its rubber roof counterparts, and is made of extra plasticized components that strengthen the overall roof.
  • EPDM An extremely durable, sought-after rubber membrane used for flat roofs, known to withstand extreme temperatures and is water resistant.
  • Built-up Roofing Customized based on preference, built-up is composed of alternating layers of modified and reinforced fabrics to create a membrane.
  • Modified Bitumen The alternating layers that make up the modified bitumen membrane are melted together to help stop and prevent leaks, making it seamless.

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Commercial Roof Materials and Coatings We Provide:

  • Acrylic Water based coating that can stand against weather and physical damage, acrylic coatings are installed in two coatings to provide full coverage.
  • Roof Coating A roof coating is essential to a new roof or after repairs to keep the roof resistant to damages outside, as well as prevent leaks inside,
  • Roof Re-Coating If you’ve undergone a roof repair, you may need a roof re-coating to give the exposed parts of your roof extra coverage against the elements.
  • Metal Roofing Able to withstand most climatic conditions, a metal roof can be installed in large sheets, is lightweight, fireproof and water resistant.

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