Roof Ballast Stone Removal

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Looking for ballast stone removal in DFW?

Does your commercial building have ballast stone on top of it that you are ready to remove? Our professionals at Roofworx specialize in commercial roofing installations, repair, and removal! Let our experts walk you through the best method to remove stone ballast from your roof. Call Roofworx today at 817-920-5974 for roof ballast stone removal in Fort Worth, TX!

Ballast Stone Removal in Texas

Whether you are replacing your current single-ply membrane roof, or if you are looking to install a new roof entirely, you will need to have the ballast stone removed from your roof’s surface. After that, your roof will need to be thoroughly swept and cleaned, to ensure proper adhesion of whichever roof option you have chosen as a replacement.

Roof Rock Removal Methods

There are two major methods available for ballast stone removal, the best of which is roof vacuuming service. Roof vacuuming involves a specially designed vacuum rig that will remove the stone from the roof and deposit it directly into a removal truck. The roof vacuum also allows wet vacuuming and sweeping to thoroughly clean your roof’s surface.

However, ballast stone has also been traditionally removed by a large crew of men with shovels, who remove the stone by hand, and deposit it into wheel barrows. The wheel barrows are deposited into large dumpsters, and the stone is left or taken away, according to the client’s preference. This method is far more labor intensive, and can expose your roof to unnecessary risk, which is why we typically recommend the roof vacuuming service to our clients!

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When you need ballast stone removal service in Fort Worth, TX, give the professionals at Roofworx a call. Our experts are fully trained to ensure that your roof is in qualified hands. We provide top quality work at affordable prices for your commercial building. Roofworx is dedicated to customer service, and we pride ourselves in the excellent service we provide! For all of your ballast stone removal and commercial roof services in DFW, call 817-920-5974 today!