Nowadays, fewer roofers are able to remove or repair stone ballast roof systems because of the tools and amount of work required. Call the Roofworx roofing contractors anytime at 817-964-9231 when you need roof rock removal in D’Hanis, TX! Talk to our roofing contractors today to find out more about our roof gravel vacuum and ballast stone removal services near you.

Our Roof Rock Removal Services

roof rock removal

Let Us Remove Unwanted Roof Ballast!

Used on a variety of flat roofs, rock or stone ballast is a popular choice to hold your roof in place. While the rock serves to hold down the lower plys, it also protects it from harmful UV rays and other elements. If it’s time for an upgraded roof or you need to repair a leak, this rock can be a pain to deal with. For fair prices on ballast stone removal in D’Hanis, TX, look no further than the roofers at Roofworx. We will remove the gravel from your roof as quickly as possible to accelerate repair or replacement and keep your building protected. Contact us today if you need roof gravel removal services:

  • Stone Ballast Removal: If your flat roof needs fixing but is covered in gravel, don’t hesitate to call us for fast, cost-effective stone ballast removal. These large amounts of rock or gravel help protect your roof from hail and sun damage and uplift from wind.
  • Roof Vacuuming: Though it sounds unusual, roof vacuuming is a highly efficient method when it comes to roof rock removal. Not only is this method quicker and more affordable, it is also less disruptive!

Affordable Ballast Stone Removal

With the faster method of roof gravel vacuuming, it does not leave your roof exposed to damage from sun and moisture like it used to. With roof rock vacuuming and other innovations, ballast removal is now significantly more affordable and efficient. If you are getting your aging ballasted roof replaced, you can choose to keep the ballast stone or have it removed. If you need roof rock vacuum services in D’Hanis, TX, just give our contractors a call at 817-964-9231.