Does your rock ballast roof require extensive repair or are you due for a new roof system? If you want the gravel on your roof removed for repair or replacement, call 817-964-9231 for roof rock removal in Port O’Connor, TX. Talk to our roofers today to find out more about our roof gravel vacuum and ballast stone removal services near you.

Our Roof Rock Removal Services

roof rock removal

Let Us Remove Unwanted Roof Ballast!

Lots of commercial flat roofs use unembedded rock or gravel as ballast, or to weigh down the roof during storms and high wind. While the stone serves to weigh down the lower plys, it also protects it from abrasive UV rays and other elements. If it’s time for a new roof or you need to fix a leak, this gravel can be a hassle to deal with. For fair prices on ballast stone removal in Port O’Connor, TX, choose the contractors at Roofworx. With special equipment, we can remove the rock from your roof quickly and provide skilled roof repair and replacement. Our professional commercial roof gravel removal services include the following and are always performed with care:

  • Stone Ballast Removal: Our roofing company has the equipment and experience to provide fast and affordable stone ballast removal when you need it. Removal should be done quickly to keep your roof safe from damage from rain, sun, and more.
  • Roof Vacuuming: To remove stone quickly and with less labor, a large vacuum is used to suck ballast off your roof, depositing it in a dumpster below. Dependant on the size of your roof, this job can be completed in a fraction of the time of older removal methods.

Affordable Ballast Stone Removal

Stone ballast removal took days or weeks to finish by hand, leaving your roof vulnerable to sun, rain, and other elements. With roof gravel vacuuming and other innovations, ballast removal is now much more affordable and discreet. We can even reuse the ballast stone on your new or repaired roof system to further save you from unnecessary expenses. If you require roof gravel vacuuming in Port O’Connor, TX, just give our contractors a call at 817-964-9231.