Advantages of a Flat Roof

If you’re constructing a commercial building, you’ve likely considered a flat roof. Many people will harp on the lack of drainage as a serious drawback, and fail to see all the advantages that flat roofs offer. To make an informed decision, you’ll want to consider the good with the bad, and weigh the benefits of flat roofs over pitched alternatives. 

Flat Roof Benefits


A flat roof is much less expensive than a pitched one. From the initial construction of the building, to the final placement of the roof, you will save plenty of money if you go flat. The materials used to cover a flat roof generally run less than a dollar a foot. Installation aside, the care and maintenance of flat roofs also comes in cheaper than pitched.

flat roof

Among other advantages, flat roofs provide a convenient location for solar panels.

Extra Space

Flat roofs also provide a builder with extra space to store large items. Air conditioners, for example, can get placed on the roof, along with solar panels. If you’d like to create an outdoor living space, flat roofs provide an ideal opportunity. 

Roomier Floors

In the same vein of the preceding example, flat roofs allow you to maximize the advantages of your upper floor. Instead of the odd angles created through pitched roofs, you have a totally open space for lofts or finished attics.

Better Accessibility

Should you ever have a problem with your roof, or need access for whatever reason, flat roofs provide greater accessibility than pitched. Once on the roof, a flat roof also serves as a much safer space, with less chance for accidents.

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