TPO Roofing: What Are The Benefits?

Do you have a flat commercial roof that may be in need of a new solution soon? Single ply roof membranes are a very popular choice for flat commercial roofs, and with good reason. Durable, lightweight, and built to last, there are several options to choose from. Today we will talk about the benefits of TPO, one of the most durable single ply roofing membranes available.


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Which Roofing Material Is Best For Your Commercial Roof?

First and foremost, everyone wants to know about cost. While the cost of a roofing installation will vary according to may factors, understanding how the cost ranks in comparison to similar roofing systems can help provide some perspective. TPO is looked at as a sort of harmony between EPDM and PVC, and the pricing reflects that. You will pay a bit more than you would for EPDM, but you will be getting many of the same benefits of PVC roofing at a much lower cost.


Another big benefit is the amount of energy these roofs can help you save. Often very glossy and applied in white, TPO roofs effectively reflect sunlight away from the roof’s surface. This allows the building to stay cooler in summer months, which in turn puts less strain on your building’s heating and cooling systems.


That reflective surface also works to prevent a lot of damage that can be caused by UV rays, which extends the lifespan of the roof. TPO is also resistant o tears and punctures, and boasts thermoplastic seams that prevent water leaks.

If you are interested in adding a TPO roof solution to your commercial building, or if you have questions about the other single ply roofing membranes we have to offer, give our team a call today at 817-964-9231 to get started!