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When you need top quality, and professional commercial roofing services in Richland Hills, TX, you can depend on Roofworx to deliver the greatest available service for your commercial building. Our commercial roof services are an excellent option for all businesses, and our client service team is second to none. Our company specializes in flat roof, low slope, and any other commercial roofing services, in every architectural design. With the greatest roof teams in Richland Hills, TX, we offer the best pro commercial roofing services. Roofworx consistently delivers dependable roofing services that protects your roofing investment.

Commercial Roofing Services in Richland Hills, TX

Rising in popularity thanks to its reliable water resistance, TPO is also very durable and energy efficient. Roofworx also provides other roofing options, to cater to all budgets and roofing requirements. Our roof pros are available to help you decide exactly which roof option corresponds with all of your needs, and will help your commercial building most.

Our professionals are committed to providing excellent customer service to every client that Roofworx works with. To ensure that your roof is in the best hands Richland Hills has to offer, all of our roofers are required to be fully trained, and we are fully insured and licensed by the state of Texas! We have pride in the exceptional roof services we provide to Richland Hills, so we never cut corners, or waste time. We believe it is essential to provide top notch roof work every time, to display appreciation for our clients. Roofworx is the professional, cost effective commercial roof service that you can trust with your business.

We offer all of the commercial roofing essentials among our roofing services, so you only need one commercial roof provider! We even provide ballast stone removal service, with roof vacuuming! Our roof vacuum’s specially designed, custom made rig is the fastest way to clear the ballast stone from your single-ply membrane roof. You can count on the roof vacuum to effectively clear away all ballast stone, and to even cleanse and prepare the roof surface for a new application, with minimal labor requirements. Also offered by Roofworx are commercial roof repairs and replacement service, performed by our qualified roof experts. Your roof is your business’s first line of defense against the elements and we are here to ensure your roof is up to the task!

  • Roof Replacement If your commercial roofing needs replacement services, our roof experts are here to help!
  • Roof Installation If you need professional and reliable roof installation, call Roofworx!
  • Flat Roof Repair When you are looking for reliable, top notch flat roofing repair service in DFW, count on Roofworx!
  • TPO Roofing If you are searching for a water resistant commercial roof option, consider TPO roofing services from Roofworx!
  • PVC Roofing Do you require PVC roofing in DFW? Call Roofworx today!When you are looking for quality PVC roof options, click here to discover more!
  • EPDM Roofing If you require EPDM roofing options in DFW, count on Roofworx!
  • Built-Up Roofing When you require traditional BUR roofing repairs or installation, contact Roofworx for the greatest service around!
  • Modified Bitumen If you require modified bitumen roofing service in town, Roofworx is happy to assist you!
  • Roof Coatings Roof coatings are a great way to restore your roofing instead of replacing it!
  • Roof Re-Coatings Roofworx provides cost effective, quality roof re-coating services.
  • Metal Roofing Roofworx has the best metal roofing services in town, so call now to get started towards a metal roof for your business!

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When you need commercial roof service in Richland Hills, TX, contact Roofworx at 817-964-9231! We are dedicated to providing #1 customer service, and we are committed to the Richland Hills community. When you need the best roofing services in town, call Roofworx and experience the difference!