residential roofing in Fort Worth

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Whether you are getting a metal, shingle, or tile installed, a proper roof installation is vital to maintaining the structure and overall appearance of your home. Without a proper roof installation, a building can only withstand natural elements and physical damage over time for so long.

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Did you know that adding multiple layers over an existing roof can weigh down the overall structure and actually damage the property and cause premature aging? For a proper roof installation, the existing roof must be stripped down and rebuilt to ensure a watertight seal and prevent any damage from occurring.

We Offer Several Options in Residential Roofing Materials:

    • Metal
    • Shingles
    • Clay Tile
  • Slate

During installation you will receive a drip edge for your new roof. A drip edge has two purposes: to prevent shingles from hanging off the roof, and to prevent leaks after a new roof has been installed. It is one of several, very important components that goes into a new roof installation to keep your new roof lasting for years without the need for costly repairs or a re-roof in a short time span.

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